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Non-Profit Organization

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty.

- Albert Einstein

I started Karen's Wish in dedication to Karen Barnes and my love of animals.

Karen's Wish is based on the belief that every Animal deserves Veterinary Care whether they are a Stray, Feral or owned by those in the Homeless Community. I worked as a Veterinary Technician for close to 7yrs. I've seen the good and the bad that comes with this job. The hardest part was seeing Strays that were injured or sick getting the bare minimum due to finances. It is heartbreaking to witness, let alone be a part of knowing that so much more could be done.

Many of us would take on the financial responsibility, care of strays or owner surrenders that would come in injured needing medical attention. Unfortunately, there is only so much a few people can do to help with so many animals that come in  injured or sick on a regular basis.

Karen's Wish will be working closely with Veterinarian Hospitals, Rescues and Homeless Shelters to give a lending hand in the cost of medically treating Strays, Ferals, and Pets in Homeless Communities.  Along with this, Karen's Wish will also be helping with Food Assistance to help lessen the burden that comes with Rescuing and Helping animals in need.

Our mission is to help Strays, Ferals, and Animals in Homeless Communities to receive Veterinary Care and Food Assistance that would not be available to them without Financial Assistance.

Please help by Donating

EIN: 46-4780342

(Currently not Tax-Exempt)

100% of your donations goes straight to helping animals in need of Veterinary Care and Food

You can also Donate in person to any Key Bank